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The Food Podcast is a show where personal stories are shared through the lens of food. Join host Lindsay Cameron Wilson, best-selling cookbook author and journalist, as she takes you on an adventure through sound, story, music and memory. Food is the launching point, the portal. Human stories, however, are at the heart of each episode. It’s a seasonal food and story podcast with episodes released biweekly. I hope you enjoy listening.

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"The Food Podcast is an audible fairytale about food"

Jessica KupfermanCo-host of She Podcasts

"I always come back to this podcast - not necessarily even for the topic of food but the way she weaves a thread through all of her own stories and guests. You definitely feel like you have just spent time in the cozy kitchen of your best friend!"

Podcast listener

"Exclusive interviews, comprehensive research, and inventive story-telling round out this podcast-adventure into the world of food."

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