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Season 2 Episode 3 with Kris Warman

By October 11, 2022May 25th, 2023No Comments

Kris Warman with her cookbooks

In this episode I talk with Kris Warman, a cookbook reviewer living in Halifax, NS, whose weekly meals are shaped by recipes tested from the cookbooks that come through her door. Kris has amassed hundreds of cookbooks in the process, and together they have become one of her many collections. I set out to ask Kris what makes makes a great cookbook, but we ended up exploring what it means to collect things, what stewardship involves, and what it takes to let these collections go. It’s an honest, funny, soul searching and very flavourful conversation, this week, on The Food Podcast. 

You can find Kris at – 

IG @shipshapeeatworthy

Ship Shape Eat

In this episode we mention:

Finnish Arabia Dinnerware

Ann Harbuz

Claire Patak

Olia Hercules 

Marcella Hazan’s ‘slow tomato sauce

Flora Shedden

Beverly Hills Ninja 

Gill Mellor

Aviva Wittenberg (of eggy tortilla fame)

Deb Perelman

Hetty McKinnon

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