My name is Lindsay Cameron Wilson. I am a writer, podcaster, taker of pictures and a developer of recipes. My work revolves around food – as an ingredient, a theme, a metaphor and a portal into story. Together with Village Sound Studios I host and co-produce The Food Podcast, a show where we use conversation, story, music and sound to explore these themes around food.

My past work includes co-authoring a series of cookbooks, hosting a cooking show and writing a regular food column. Please get in touch for any food collaboration, especially the kind filled with story. I can be usually found in my downtown Halifax kitchen, where I live with my husband and three boys. 


All photography on this website by Lindsay Cameron Wilson. Love Food portrait by Kate Inglis.

“The Food Podcast is an audible fairytale about food”
Jessica Kupferman, co-host of She Podcasts

“Exclusive interviews, comprehensive research, and inventive story-telling round out this podcast-adventure into the world of food.”
2018 Best Podcasts, The Flo Show

Featured on CBC’s Podcast Playlist Episode 73 Podcasts for Foodies: Six Podcasts on the Meals We Eat