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Season 2 Episode 6 with Kate Inglis

By November 22, 2022May 25th, 2023No Comments

Kate Inglis, in her kitchen

Kate Inglis is a multi-creative – a writer, photographer, a brand strategist, a champion thrifter with the best tickle trunk around. She’s a magical host of workshops, of outdoor gatherings, she’s a lover of the outside, a skier, a mountain biker, and a wood chopper. And now, a person who’s been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that required her to overhaul her life. Kate is here today to tell us about this diagnosis, how it dragged her through the fire, why a ‘bento box’ approach to wellness is her answer, and how it feels to be living on the other side.  

Kate’s favourite recipes right now:

Raw Oreo Cookies — I have these in my freezer all the time. I had googled ‘sugar-free dairy-free grain-free gluten-free cookies’ as a grumpy joke and now these are a staple. The cookie dough and cream filling are made in the bullet blender. Best eaten straight out of the freezer. Melty and rich and so lovely.

Savory Chickpea Pancakes—I googled these after having them in a restaurant in Toronto, with a warm roasted beet salad on top. These are so fast and easy to make, and could easily be made sweet instead of savory. Made a little thicker, they make almost a flatbread—an excellent replacement for a pita and filled with pork tenderloin or chicken and (cashew cream) tzatziki with cucumber. So yummy.

Corn-Free Cornbread—Another chickpea flour triumph, found while experimenting to make a Thanksgiving stuffing. Such a good feeling to find that as well as a delicious vegan gravy—which combined, these two cover me for all the fall and winter holidays.

Her rolodex includes:

Dr. Mark Hyman (functional medicine and food)

Dr. Andrew Huberman (sleep) 

Wim Hof (cold and breath therapy)

Chef Laura Rodriguez (‘anti-inflammatory comfort food’—everyone is unique, and food protocols vary, but she hits the broad strokes)

Other bits and pieces for reference:

The Happy Pear (Irish Sea sunrise dips)

Kate Inglis’s website

Kate’s Instagram

Please listen to the episode HERE, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Thank you!