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Episode 35 with Jennifer E. Crawford

Today on The Food Podcast I talk with Jennifer Elizabeth Crawford, a chef, food creative and the host of ‘My Queer Kitchen’ with Xtra Magazine. Jennifer, who identifies as They, has recently moved back to Nova Scotia from Toronto, where they studied political theory and worked as a policy analyst for over a decade. Toronto is also where they struggled with alcoholism and PTSD, it’s where they became sober and where their culinary skills reached artistry levels. And, it’s where they won MasterChefCanada 2019. Today Jennifer is back home in Nova Scotia, living in an old home in the valley, writing a memoir, filming recipe videos with her sweetheart, Logan, and cooking with wild abandon, with dreams of opening a ‘supper and sleep’ culinary outpost on their property. It’s all about learning to heal, day by day, surrounded by pillowy loaves of challah and moonmist ice cream, on this episode of The Food Podcast.





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