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Show Notes

Season 3 Episode 3 – The Nature of Mussels

Porcelain mussel shells by @heatherpittsceramics

This episode is all about the wonder of the mussel, the edible kind. We’ll explore their beauty, resilience, innovation, taste and the ways they’re providing answers to food scarcity here on the east coast of Canada. We’ll beachcomb, cook, and learn how easy mussels are to make at home. We’ll meet Tiago Hori, director of Innovation at Atlantic Aqua Farms on Prince Edward Island, who will walk us through the biology of the mussel, and explain how they are cultivated in the waters off PEI. And, we’ll reminisce about the mark they’ve made on me, from jobs I’ve had to what they’ve taught me about living, all on this episode of The Food Podcast.

We mention:


Hosted by Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Edited by Abigail Cerquitella

Theme song is One More Night by Jenn Grant 

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