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Show Notes

Season 3 Episode 2 – An Idea to a Story

tomato Soup

“Soup Ruined My Life”

Welcome to episode two of our third season of The Food Podcast, where we peek under the hood of the show to see how ideas become stories. We’ll jump over stones in the river, learn to take criticism, try to tell the truth and tap into curiosity. We’ll also talk about the importance of putting our work out into the world, quickly. That’s what Jenn Grant does. And we’ll find value in smelling like soup. Trust me. Thanks for listening!

In this episode we discuss:
And special thanks to friend and writer Karen Pinchin for guidance on teaching a class.
Helpful tools when creating a podcast:
  • Descript– an app that allows you to edit sound from text
  • Endemic sound, an excellent source for audio to sprinkle into stories
  • Temi– for transcribing ‘at lightning speed’
  • Tape a Call- an app, as the name suggests, for recording phone calls
  • And Abby Cerquietella, for all your podcast and storytelling production needs.


Hosted by Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Edited by Abigail Cerquitella

Theme song is One More Night by Jenn Grant 

Follow: @thefoodpodcast and @lindsaycameronwilson

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