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episode 27 a playdate with Luisa Brimble

Luisa Brimble Smiling

On Episode 27 of The Food Podcast there will be…

Huge smiles. Baby pink long boards. The biggest bunches of flowers. Bacon cooked over an open fire. A chef on horseback wearing a vintage dress – basically the stuff that Australian food and lifestyle photographer Luisa Brimble captures on the daily. What’s not pictured in her images is Luisa herself – Luisa the boundary pusher, the fearless cheerleader and the laugh that can be heard across the hemispheres. I first heard this laughter in emoji form – yes, it’s so powerful one can hear her bahahahaha through a screen – as she cheers on fellow creatives with boom pows, lightening bolts and smiling faces with hearts for eyes. It was this selfless enthusiasm and support others that draws me – and everyone else – to Luisa. So while in Australia I organized a playdate with her (I had read this was how she rolled…). The result is this episode, where Luisa takes me on a road trip, schools me in photography and shares stories behind WILD, the gorgeous cookbook she created with surfer and chef Sarah Glover. The book is inspiring, gorgeous and full of flavour – just like Australia, and like Luisa herself.

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*Above image taken during my ‘playdate’ photography class with Luisa in the back courtyard of my Sydney Airbnb.