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Adding Value

By September 4, 2018No Comments

Luisa Brimble


This is how Luisa Brimble laughs online when audio just isn’t available. She might throw in a boompow! emoji, or a lightening bolt, or a big fat heart – whatever it takes to express her unbridled enthusiasm for others and their efforts.

When I was a teenager my friend’s mother used to tell us not worry what others thought, because people aren’t thinking about you, they’re typically thinking about themselves. These words have resonated with me over the years and helped me to just ‘get on with it’. The wisdom is true, for the most part, until you meet someone like Luisa. If you’re a creative person with an idea, drive and you’re on Luisa’s radar, she is thinking about you – how she can help you, how you can work together, how she can ADD VALUE. It’s a rare quality in this creative world, where even seemingly comfy online spots like Instagram can make one feel lonely, competitive and insecure.

Lusia was a panelist at the My Open Kitchen Gathering I attended last May in Australia. The theme of the panel was “How to win at social media without drinking the bathwater: authenticity, ‘comparisonism’ and sticking to your story”. When Luisa was asked about building likes and followers on Instagram, she said – ‘Don’t worry about that stuff! Just get out there and make great content. Don’t worry about the numbers – the rest will follow.’

Luisa gets out there and makes great content. She collaborates. She teaches. She sees beauty and captures it. Her images are the kind that ask you to jump into the scene – onto a beach in Tasmania where one of her collaborators, surfer and chef Sarah Glover is diving for scallops. Or surfing. Or making pizza dough with sea water. There are boatloads full of flowers. Seasonal ingredients. Vast oceans and skies. And friends – salty, windblown and smiling.

I’ve heard that a brand campaign is most successful if the buyer can picture themselves in the brand. I think this is Luisa’s magic: she invites you into her images, and if you’re like me, you’ll want to stay.

This is why I invited Luisa to be a guest on The Food Podcast: to share her magic, her selfless enthusiasm and that wonderful, infectious laugh. She gives all of this, plus a little photography lesson, the result of which is the photo above. Always giving, always laughing.

So have a listen, dive into a sampling of her photos, and ask yourself – how can I add value to another? Then give someone a big fist bump and a Bahahaha!!

You’ll make their day.