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Show Notes

Episode 23 Form and Function

Tea Towels – every kitchen has them. Crumpled up in the back of the drawer. Ironed and stacked just so. Hanging over the oven door. Twisted through a cupboard handle. We dry our dishes with them. Our hands too. They’re beautiful or plain. They serve a purpose.

Tea towels also hold stories, history, art and propaganda. Who would have thought a piece of functional fabric could be so weighty? In episode 23, we celebrate all of the above. We’ll also meet Alissa Kloet, textile artist and owner of KeepHouse.┬áAlissa shares her story of living as an artist in Nova Scotia, and how the land, the ocean and her love of hospitality led to KeepHouse.

We’ll also hear from Rose Wilson. She’ll share the stories behind her tea towel collection. Full disclosure: she’s my mother in law ­čÖé

Also covered in this episode: