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Episode 19 Wooden Spoons, the backstory

By July 29, 2017August 10th, 2017No Comments


work bench with wooden spoons

Episode 19 Wooden Spoons, the backstory

What’s the story behind your favourite wooden spoon? Where did it come from? Is it stained from use? Did you scorch it on the stove? What stories does it hold? On this episode we talk with Terron Dodd, wooden spoon carver from Cape Breton, NS. “I can make a wooden spoon, but the trees, they do all the work,” said Terron. On this episode we hear about those trees, his process, and how his sister’s wedding cake launched his career as a wooden spoon maker. Skye Manson from the Australian podcast My Open Kitchen and radio doc producer Dick Miller also share the story behind their favourite wooden spoons. What’s your wooden spoon story?

Also mentioned in this episode:

-Ski Wentworth Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – to come…

-Terron Dodd, wooden spoon maker from Cape Breton – send him an email with your wooden spoon inquiries

-Halifax Crafters Craft Fair –

-Spanking with a wooden spoon, an inevitable detail of the wooden spoon’s story

-Listen to the Episode Here

Terron's Workshop