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A Peek Inside the Kitchen

new kitchen images

Didn’t Sheryl Sandberg say something like ‘done is better than perfect?’

I see you Sheryl, and I’ll raise you one – ‘Not done, but started, is better than perfect’.

Below is my kitchen, as I left it last week.

Since then I’ve been away at the cottage with my sisters and our families, then across the province visiting Wilson cousins. Summer is short but sweet here in Nova Scotia. We all have to ‘make hay’. Soak up the sun. Say yes to family and fleeting dips in the ocean. Because before we know it, it will all be over.

Last week I shared that I was intimidated by my kitchen. I was too nervous to enter. To mess it up. This week I can happily report that time and distance heals all wounds. Before I left I cooked a little. I washed out the cupboards. I moved dishes and bought lightbulbs and dishwasher detergent. But then I left it, mess and all. Family, sand and sun was calling. So with bag over shoulder and kids in the car, I took a few quick pics. Knobs, plastering and kick plates are still needing attention. Stuff is everywhere. Our favourite Andrew Rucklidge painting needs hanging. Shelves need cookbooks. But who cares.

Not done, but started, is better than perfect.

So see ya later kitchen! I’ll be back to love you in a week or so.

PS – Can you spy my wooden spoons, hiding in the cluster of stuff in the centre of the island? The next episode of The Food Podcast is all about wooden spoons. I can’t wait to share it with you!

PPS – Village Sound has put together a little demo reel for The Food Podcast – a ‘small taste’ of what the show is all about. Have a listen! Then why not subscribe here 😉