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Molly Wizenberg's kitchen table

This is Molly Wizenberg’s kitchen table in Seattle, a third hand mid-century modern gem, situated in the centre of her home. She posted this image on Instagram a while ago, when she was ‘attempting to block out that gold folder bursting with 2016 tax documents by surrounding it with good books and reeeeeeal foxy ceramics’.

Molly is a Seattle-based writer, blogger, restaurant owner, mother, podcast co-host, home cook and story teller. She writes real stories on this table, the kind filled with the true flavours of life.

Molly’s Instagram profile reads: Orangette / Spilled Milk / A Homemade Life / Delancey / Essex / stuff. On this episode of The Food Podcast we dive into all of that, especially the STUFF. The real stuff. The flavourful stuff. The stuff people don’t always want to talk about.

Molly spoke to me from that kitchen table, where she writes, shares meals, skypes podcast hosts, sews and does her taxes. Like all kitchen tables, Molly’s table is witness to life, to STUFF. This episode explores her stories from her kitchen table, with a little side journey into stories from other kitchen tables, both past and present.

Details to explore…

  • The quilling story was told to me by my father, Ian Cameron. He published it as: ‘A Visionary and a Rogue’ in the September 7th, 2004 edition of  The Medical Post

  • Molly’s Journalling App – DAY ONE

  • Spilled Milk, the podcast Molly Co-Hosts with Matthew Amster-Burton
  • Orangette, Molly’s blog
  •  When a podcast episode becomes a writing prompt: Fuzzy Water and European Adventures  -an essay from my Notebook

  • Being Boss, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson

Listen Here. And thanks!