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Show Notes

EPISODE 12 – Your Neighbourhood Peppermongers, Louise and Nigel Biggar


Episode 12:




Lousie and Sigurd on delivery in Toronto –  @drompepper IG


Pepper. It’s something I twist (and at one time shook) onto my food several times a day. But rarely have I thought about the peppercorns themselves… until I met Louise and Nigel Biggar of DRØM PEPPER. They call themselves peppermongers.

On episode 12 of The Food Podcast is all about pepper. But, as always, we delve into more than just the story of an ingredient. We learn the Biggar’s story, and the story of Cambodian peppercorns. We talk about the bittersweet path that Cambodian farmers have taken to revive the peppercorn industry after the Khmer Rouge years. We talk about the Biggar’s fresh start in Toronto. We talk about saying YES in life, and the power of personal connections. And, there’s a little gelato chat in there too.


We also touch on:

  • salt and pepper shakers – do people still use them? Or are they just cherished just by collectors? Or museums in Spain?
  • Connections with people. Sometimes the simplest things, like pepper, can bring people together
  • Kampot peppercorns – the history and why they’re so special
  • The difference between red, black and green peppercorns
  • The Biggars family adventure: quitting jobs, the cure for time deprivation and living minimally in South East Asia and Africa. Read more about their trip here
  • Delivering peppercorns on that awesome bicycle
  • Connecting with neighbours, especially those with fabulous antique collections
  • Death in Venice Gelato – Thai basil and strawberry with a twist of pink peppercorn, specifically


Hope you enjoy it.