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Waffles + Tavi

By September 20, 2009April 19th, 2016No Comments

This post is nothing more than a celebration of giggles in the kitchen. I’m not usually into laptops at breakfast, but this morning it was worth it. Over waffles (the joy of cooking kind), we read Tavi’s latest post. Tavi is a 13 year old fashion blogger who recently made the cover of Pop Magazine. She figures this exposure will bring new readers to her blog, so she decided to welcome them with a video that makes her look “smart and sophisticated”. It made my 3 and 5 year old break into fits of laughter and inspired them to dance. Not very many things can tear them away from waffles in the morning…. check it out. I love being inspired by 13 year olds.Sophistication 101 from Tavi G on Vimeo.