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Love letter to the Brookfield Bakery

By September 2, 2009April 19th, 2016No Comments

Dearest Brookfield Bakery,
My sister was married last week and my sole responsibility was dessert provider at her rehearsal dinner. One sister provided smoked pork chops for the barbecue (; older sister and aunt Sue made big, colourful salads. I love to bake; it’s what I do when I’m happy, sad, procrastinating, or hungry. But this job was different. The baby I was carrying was supposed to arrive two weeks before. He was late; I was tired. This is where you come in, Brookfield Bakery.
I ordered all my favourites – blueberry pies, chocolate macaroons, almond bars and, of course, Brookfield brownies. We plated the desserts and served them to the guests seated within the white tent, perched along the banks of the Northumberland straight. The wind was blowing hard that night, and the little candles on each table were fighting to stay alight. Everything was enjoyed under the moonlight, but the brownies went first.
The brownies I make are the rich, dark, almost flour-less kind. Yours are the opposite. The bottom is toffee-like, the middle is moist and chewy. The icing isn’t cloying; it’s milk chocolate perfection. In theory, they don’t suit my dark chocolate tastes. But they win me over, every time.
Thank you, Brookfield Bakery, for doing my baking for me. Every new mother needs you, and so does every bride.
Yours forever,
Brookfield Bakery Ltd
Brookfield, NS B0N 1C0
(Cross Street: Smithfield RD and Camden RD)
Phone: 902-673-2434