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Season 3 Episode 5 All We Need Is Here with Gillian Bell

Gillian Bell Wedding Cake

Gillian Bell has many stories to tell. She is an English cook, cake maker and social worker living in Brisbane. She can bake for a crowd with a broken oven. She loves poetry and the natural world around her. And, she travels the world making wedding cakes, only deciding on the direction the cake will take after she arrives at the venue, meets the couple and learns the flavour of their lives. This whimsical style of cake making invites intrigue, adventure, deep connection and, potential cake disasters.

But as it turns out, Gillian doesn’t experience cake disasters – of course things go wrong, but nothing is a disaster when you see life through the lens of challenge and adventure. So this episode, the second in a two part series on cake disasters, has taken a turn. Yes there will be disasters, but Gillian guides us through them using ingenuity, resolve, extra buttercream and the most important tool in her cake-making kit: asking for help.

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Hosted by Lindsay Cameron Wilson
Edited by Abigail Cerquitella
Theme song is One More Night by Jenn Grant 
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