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Episode 26 Eating in Watercolour with Jessie Kanelos Weiner

watercolour of Jessie at her desk
Jessie Kanelos Weiner is an artist, author, food stylist and long term American living in Paris. Her latest book, Paris in Stride, takes the reader on an illustrated walk through Paris. I wanted to be that reader, so I ask Jessie to walk us through her Paris. We visit its beauty, its challenges, and discover how finding a voice as an artist, using a touch of animation and truth, allows Jessie to celebrate the everyday and find value in the familiar. It’s a walk through Paris, with stops in Chicago, Milan and a picnic on the Seine… So pull up a lawn chair (as one does in Jessie’s studio) slice into wedge of camembert, and enter the world of an artist living in Paris.



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