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Episode 15 Life after Gluten

By February 2, 2017February 7th, 2017No Comments

Aran's Gluten Free Sourdough Boule

Do you remember the scene from Sound of Music when the Reverend Mother says to Maria, When God Closes a Door He Opens a Window?  I think about that all the time. It doesn’t mean the Swiss Alps will be right there waiting for you, just outside the window. It doesn’t mean life is easy. It just means there’s another view, and who knows, that view might be better than it was before.

I explore this notion on Episode 15 of The Food Podcast. Luckily two special people agreed to explore this notion with me – Aran Goyoaga of the site and Paul Graham, author of the memoir In Memory of Bread. Aran is a Basque – American living in Seattle; Paul lives in upstate New York. They’ve never met. But they have something in common – both learned they could no longer eat gluten, long after their lives were shaped by the stuff. This episodes explores how they have approached life – gluten free. There were struggles (lots of hot metal launched across the kitchen) and there were victories. It’s real life.

Book cover In Memory of Bread by Paul Graham

Other highlights, people and links:

  • Listen to the episode here
  • Aran’s buckwheat galette video
  • Nadia Dole of The Hill Workshops
  • CBC Radio aired a good conversation explaining Tinnitus
  • Aran has just launched a serious of beautifully honest food videos. The series is called A Cook’s Remedy
  • Aran has conquered the unconquerable – she makes GF sourdough bread! See stunning photo above. Hoping she’ll post her recipe soon…
  • Take a look at Aran’s Instagram feed
  • Images from the Aran’s workshop in The Basque Country, day 4: Shooting selfies with a DSLR at Azurmendi.