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The Food Podcast

Episode 14


Caldera Distilling Whiskey bottles

On Episode 13 I went to Apple School. You could say on Episode 14 I go to Whiskey school, but this time there are personal stories woven into between the sips. Specifically, from women.

We’ll hear Olympic Medalist Tracy Cameron’s incredible story from rowing to Whiskey distilling in Nova Scotia with her husband Jarrett Stuart.

We’ll also meet Julia Ritz Toffoli, founder of Women Who Whiskey, an experimental whiskey club for women with chapters all over the world. (Her first whiskey drink was a rye and ginger while in university. Now, she sips whiskey neat.) Julia takes me through a whiskey tasting, over skype, from New York City. But we’ll kick things off with a vignette from Netflix’s THE CROWN, where she sips whiskey in Buckingham Palace in the wee hours of the morning. (I mean WHISKY, because in England, there’s no E.)

Other highlights –

  • rye and ginger is, apparently, the Classic Canadian mixed drink
  • Tracy’s photofinish at the Beijing Olympics
  • The difference between Irish and Scotch whiskey, or whisky, Bourbon and Rye
  • We meet the spirit from barrels past
  • I address the long standing question – why is whiskey typically reserved for the men?

I hope you enjoy it.

Listen here.