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Beth Kirby of Local Milk

photographer-stylist-writer-recipe developer-blogger-teacher

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.38.37 AM

Beth, last year on our retreat, post picnic, in Gordes. photo credit- Linda Lomelino

Have you ever looked at a photo and wondered what lies behind the image? It’s a magical thing when that happens.

I always want to crawl into Beth Kitby’s photos. To taste her food, to smell the coffee, to touch her props, to hear her stories.

On Episode 10 of The Food Podcast we get to dive in. We learn the stories behind this shot: the darkness, the light, the travel, the adventure, the lessons learned and the beauty of wabi sabi.

Beth is a photographer, a writer, a recipe developer, a stylist and a teacher. Beth and her team host retreats all over the world, teaching photography and styling while serving beautiful meals, probably under a cherry tree with local linens on your lap. And through it all, a seed is planted: when you live slowly intentionally, creativity has the opportunity to grow.

Think of this episode as a mini retreat.

You’ll learn:

– that sometimes a little Flo Rida fills Beth’s studio kitchen

-Beth rocks Elizabeth Suzann on the daily

-all about wabi-sabi

her husband is a café owner and coffee roaster- #milklovescoffee

-a person can make a weaving with bits of stuff from your kitchen

Sandra Brownlee‘s process

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