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The Building of a Bisque

By July 18, 2011July 20th, 2017No Comments


1. Gather friends together and boil lobsters.

2. Eat lobsters.

3. Salvage any leftover lobster meat and set aside. Place shells in a big roasting tin and blast for an hour in a 450f oven. This will dry out the shells and enhance their flavour.

4. Put roasted shells back in the lobster pot. Add water to cover and add whatever flavourful ingredients you have – onions, green onions, herbs. Simmer for an hour or so. Do this over a propane stove outside if you can; it’s a stinky job.

5. Strain.

6. Chose a friend (see above, R) who is a fabulous and enthusiastic professional cook who can create a mirepoixwith her eyes closed.

7. Watch her saute the mirepoix, add tomato paste, lobster stock and cream. Give her a glass of wine as she cooks. Inhale.

8. Spoon into bowls and add reserved lobster meat.

9. Enjoy.