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Show Notes

Season 4 Episode 4 The Measure of Her Dreams

The Food Podcast Liz Chute's kitchen table

A Measure of My Dreams is a lyric from A Rainy Night in Soho by the Irish band The Pogues. The lyric speaks to love and loss, but it also touches on the transient nature of life, the fleeting beauty of moments, and the profound impact brief encounters can have.

Liz Chute has made a life from profound encounters. For 25 years Liz has owned and run The Pebble Bed and Breakfast in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Liz is from Listowel, Ireland, and her family, her home, her business and her kitchen is full of Irish love and passion.

This episode is Liz’s story, told through the lens of music, food, family, dancing, running, pressed sheets and a passion for authentic hospitality.

It’s a special one. I hope you enjoy it!

X Lindsay



Hosted by Lindsay Cameron Wilson
Edited by Abigail Cerquitella
Theme song is One More Night by Jenn Grant 
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