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By August 31, 2012July 20th, 2017No Comments

Food means different things to different people. It’s fuel, it fulfils a craving, it’s memory, it’s comfort. For me it’s also a connector, or a portal into someone else’s life… someone I’m missing, or am inspired by. Take my friend Andrea, for example. She fills the room with colour, wisdom, smiles, creativity, enthusiasm, energy and kindness. So naturally I want to transplant as many of her habits into my day as possible – joy through proxy? Andrea starts her day with 30 minutes of yoga to mend her injured back. Then she eats ‘MUSH’. Her love for mush began 12 years ago, when a friend who’s mother had cancer introduced her to Johanna Budwig’s anti-cancer diet. Andrea’s mush is a homage to all things Johanna  – if you start each day with goodness – oats, seeds, omega 3’s, fruit and yogurt – your body will thank you. Andrea blends all this goodness together in a blender (fruits vary depending on the season) and eats the colourful mixture every morning. When I asked for Mush guidance, she pulled out her version of the recipe: a watercolour illustration, of course. Mush is now on the menu. I’m working on the yoga part.