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Lavender Fizz

By July 13, 2012July 20th, 2017No Comments

Doesn’t this picture softly say, hello summer?
A few nights ago some friends and I celebrated July, kid-free, at my mother in law’s beautiful lake-side cottage. After a splash in the lake, we cooled off with this cocktail. It was a pot-luch kind of eve and Regan, our cocktail queen, made us all a Lavender Fizz. In her basket was peeled lemon rind, lemon juice in a mason jar, gin, fresh lavender from the garden, her own lavender syrup, grapefruit bitters, and cold club soda. It was devine.
It might be best to stick to one… if not you too could find yourself playing charades and perhaps forced to act out Risky Business by sliding into the room in tighty whities, a shirt and ray bans.