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Show Notes

Episode 8 – Thug Kitchen

By May 17, 2016June 28th, 2016No Comments




Episode 8 of The Food Podcast stars Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, the couple behind Thug Kitchen. This episode is about how they met. Their plant-based diet. How to eat well, regardless of demographic. The importance of working hard, everyday. And that time Gwyneth Paltrow threw them a bone on Rachel Ray.

But the episode is also about living an authentic life: Matt and Michelle are bad-ass vegan working-class Americans, and they own it. They own it at work, online, in their books and in their private life.

Being Boss, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, continually emphasizes the importance of blending who you are with what you do. Emily Thompson co-hosts the show with Kathleen Shannon. On this Being Boss episode Emily and Kathleen discuss personal branding. Emily is a self proclaimed ‘cusser’. She believes your brand should either attract, or repel people, quickly. Needless to say Emily also stars in this episode. Damn straight.

Other Highlights:

-Michelle’s love for Mollie Katzen

-The Devour Food Film Festival

-Nova Scotian apples

-How to photograph a book in a shitty little kitchen

-their work dreams, pre-Thug Kitchen

And… Matt and Michelle’s five top five pieces of advice:

  1. perfection is a lie
  2. food unites us – eating together will solve many problems
  3. be more empathetic. There are real people behind user names. be kind
  4. try new shit
  5. not all success is pre-ordained. hard work is important, but so is LUCK. Fortune does have to shine on you

“You can’t make people look at your work. It sometimes just has to happen. And just be ready for when they do.”

– Michelle Davis