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By April 18, 2010April 20th, 2016No Comments
Easter Sunday in Sherbrooke village seems like lovely, distant memory. It was warm and sunny. Purple hyacinths dotted the ground. The kids collected eggs in t-shirts. Today, 2 weeks later, it’s snowing.
I’m going to relive that day through the menu; food has a magical way of transporting you to a place, time and temperature. The meal was a group effort, with Larry Fogg and James Wilson at the helm.
Larry’s warm brandade with homemade baguette
Trout terrine with grilled scallops
Grilled leg of lamb with salsa verde
Potato and fennel gratin
Gilly’s chocolate tart
Larry’s salt-washed cheese

*Brandade is a puree of salt codolive oil and milk, sometimes called Brandade de Morue (‘morue’ being the French name for salt cod). Brandade is a specialty of the Languedoc and Provence regions of France, particularlyNîmes. Similar preparations are found in other Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Portugal and Spain where dried salt cod is also enjoyed.[1]