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Food + Reflection

A collection of 20 recipes, created and captured through the kitchen window during isolation.  Words and recipes by Lindsay Cameron Wilson, photographs by Justine Barnhart. 

A portion of sales going to The North Grove, a non-profit organization and dynamic community hub that offers services and space for people to learn and connect through family support, food and friendship.

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Thank you all so much for supporting this project, and for supporting The North Grove. Until next time!

x Lindsay

From the book

As a food writer, I try my best to celebrate the everyday and share it in a story. But early on in lockdown, before those cold winter days flowed into a wet spring and human interaction was minimal, celebration was hard to find. My food grew bland. I grew bland. That’s when my friend Justine, a photographer, began to stop by on her daily afternoon walk and peek in the kitchen window. She was pregnant, tired and looking for food inspiration, a smile, a connection. This daily, distanced visit became our routine. Soon I found myself meal planning. Changing out of pyjamas before noon. Wearing rings from my jewelry box. Brushing my hair. Something to make her smile, something to make me smile. Slowly, the bland began to slip away.

The food I made was inspired by the ingredients I found while cleaning out my cupboards. It was driven by treasures I discovered in the freezer, and precious farmers market ingredients available locally, despite lockdown and our late, cold spring. But most of all, the food reflected what I would make and share with a friend: green pasta tossed with garlicky cherry tomatoes. Butter flecked with pink radishes and served with warm biscuits. Spicy cauliflower soup with seed crackers that matched my leopard print dress. A cake covered in sweet citrus that even through a window, shone like the sun…

These moments became this book. We hope it inspires you to celebrate the everyday. Perhaps you’ll make something simple and share it with another. If there’s a window dividing you, when the light is bright, you’ll see your reflection, and for a minute, you’ll be together.