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Lindsay Cameron Wilson - food writer, Halifax NS

I live in Nova Scotia, where I grew up. I studied history, journalism and the culinary arts before moving to London, England in 2001. That’s when I started teaching cooking classes and writing cookbooks. My co-author, Pippa Cuthbert and I have written seven cookbooks. I’m now back in Halifax, where I work as a food stylist, writer and recipe developer. I am also the host of LOVE FOOD, a cooking show that celebrates food, family, and the community that surrounds us. But more than anything, I’m a storyteller. Food, I think, is the portal for all good stories. It connects us, it transports us, it reveals where we come from. It’s this love of story that drives THE FOOD PODCAST, my latest endeavour. The journey into the food industry is never a straightforward one; it’s full of flavours, adventures, twists and turns, ups and downs. The real flavours of life, these are the best parts.